Day 21 – I Did It. 

What did I do on my officially last day of the challenge? Hmmm…

I finished Harry Potter book 1, 2 and 3. I went for a job interview. I had sushi. I FINALLY made my own butter beer, the famous drink from Harry Potter (non alcoholic) and wow, it’s simply amazing. I recommend maybe half the amount of sugar, it was definitely too much, but otherwise… It’s just perfect. It’s awesome. It’s just the way I imagined it all these years when I read the third book. This is the recipe I used:

There’s a hundred different versions of them but this sounded perfect. And then, for the perfect enjoyment, I made my own little reading corner. It’s very comfortable.

So, you guys probably want a conclusion of these three weeks more or less without multimedia. Alright, here we go:

At first it sucked. Hard. What to do with all this free time? I mean, it was free before but I used it for watching stuff or reading etc. Once you figure out what to do though (having a job helps a lot) it gets easier. Physical activity helps too. Eventually you realize that you don’t need the entertainment or rather time killers anymore. You notice that suddenly productivity rises.

After a while though I noticed that something was missing. So I thought about it and figured it out. Some movies you watch or books you read are not made to kill time or entertain you. They’re made to give you insight and remind you what’s important in life. Why you are alive. That you should make good use of the little time we have. That life is worth fighting for. Books and movies that remind us of that (The Giver – the movie, still one of my favorites, just like Cloud Atlas) are an important part of (at least) my personality. I tend to forget it, and I bet you do too. We all struggle, all the time. We live our everyday lives without noticing how time flies by. We forget how precious it is. What power each of us holds. Some books and movies remind us of that. Watching or reading them enables us to live our lives, it isn’t wasted time.

You probably noticed that in the past week I started watching some movies again and reading a lot. Yes, my productivity went down again. Yes, I stay inside a lot. Yes, I wish for fall to come so I finally have an excuse to stay inside. But still, thanks to these three weeks I now question myself every time I grab my laptop or ebook reader. Is this time well spent? Am I just trying to kill time while waiting for better days to come? I’m not saying that I’m perfect, hell no. But awareness grows every time I actively think about what I’m doing. Everytime I choose to read, I make an active decision. I don’t just slip into it and whoops, suddenly the whole day is gone. I learned to value the time I spend reading or watching movies.

There’s a time for getting stuff done, and there’s a time for resting, recharging. Balance is important.

If anyone still wants to ask me if I would recommend this three week challenge – the answer is Yes, every single time.

Thank you all so much for reading these posts every day. From now on I will again only post something every now and then. I’m really surprised I didn’t miss a single day! Have a good night everyone ❤


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